Despite the fact that I try to avoid labels (at least on people!), there are a few labels I am proud to wear. Or I've at least gotten used to them! These are a few of the things that make me who I am:

Christian: I believe no one is perfect - with the exception of Jesus. I believe a loving God sent His son to rescue us and bring us closer to Him, that we might have everlasting life. Beyond all things, this is the most important aspect of my life. Take a moment to hear my testimony through my baptism video.

Wife: I love my husband, a lawyer at a business firm. He passed the CA Bar in 2011 and we are so blessed to be done with that stage of our lives - no more school! We're now attacking the student loans (part of the motivation for me to start this business!) We've been married since 2006.

Mom: My daughter was born in June 2009 (the day before our wedding anniversary) and is rambunctious and spunky. My son was born in Feb 2015. We have fun exploring and creating things together. I am so blessed to be able to stay home with them through this business.

Artist: I sometimes paint (not very well) and draw (horribly), but I love to make jewelry and crafts. I love my business with a passion and consider each thing I make a tiny piece of art. I take photos of every custom item I make as I consider it a new piece I've never created before. I love my job!

Poet and Writer: I love to write. I write poetry (some quite good and some horrific) - but I usually go through spurts of productive writing. I love to journal, to write stories and poems when the urge hits. I've written a novel (about zombies!), but have yet to put in the effort to find a publisher.

Student and Teacher: I taught English in Japan for a year, then moved back to CA and taught ESL for another 2 years before I had my daughter and started to stay home with her. I always saw my job as a two way street - teaching and learning simultaneously. I haven't left that aspect of my life just because I quit my day job. I study scripture, I learn from my daughter, I teach her, and I'm helping friends get their home businesses off the ground. Learning is a life-long process and I love passing on the things I have learned!

Human: I wasn't sure how to categorize this. I have both Epilepsy and Hypothyroid disease  but neither define me. They do, however, sometimes slow me down - especially since the Hypothyroidism is a relatively new thing for me. Both conditions have affected my life tremendously, but not necessarily in a bad way. They have both brought me closer to God and helped me realize my limitations (and how my plans are not necessarily going to work out!). I make mistakes. I prefer to have things planned out and organized, but I have realized that each day is a gift, and I am more likely to be in the moment and appreciate what is going on around me than I was before. (And I am way less stressed!) 



One last note. Everything for my business is run by me. And I do mean EVERYTHING. I come up with ideas, I make things, I take pictures, I post, I answer messages, I order inventory and do budgets. I even learned how to create a website with video tutorials - this is all me, faults and all. When there's a delay, when things look off, it's me. I go with the motto of "God, family, everything else," which means sometimes my sick kid or husband comes before answering emails or getting orders out. I apologize if you'd like me to move faster sometimes, but I'm one woman, and certainly flawed! As always, I appreciate your patience with me!

Thanks for visiting our site! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.